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Iranian Galleries Attending the 17th Edition of Contemporary Istanbul

Author : Sara Taheran

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Original text in Farsi by Sara Taheran

Translated to English by Parichehr Ghanami

Sponsored by Akbank, the 17th edition of the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair will take place on September 17-22, 2022. The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair is an important art event in Turkey. This art fair annually presents works of visual art such as modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, video art, photographs, and installation art to support and introduce artists.
At Contemporary Istanbul 2022, 65 galleries will be present from around the world, including Mohsen Gallery, Bavan Gallery, Iranshahr Gallery, and Navahi Projects from Iran.  

This year works by Safaeddin Emami, Azadeh Barbod, Milad Jahangiri, Azin Zolfaghari, Nasim Shoja, Hanieh Farhadi Nik, Zahra Ghyasi, Hosein Mohammadi, Nafiseh Moeini and Mahsa Nouri will be introduced by Mohsen Gallery, which has participated in several editions of this art fair.

Bavan Gallery which was also present in the previous edition of this event is going to feature works by Elham Etemadi, Pooneh Oshidari, Tarlan Tabar, Gamze Zorlu, Sanam Saye Afkan, Navid Azimi Sajadi, Jinoos Misaghi, and Roghayeh Najdi.

With Iranshahr Gallery which also attended this event last year, Navahi Projects will experience its first international event this year. These two galleries will jointly exhibit works by Reza Baharvand, Behrouz Heshmat, Davood Zandian, Shaya Shahrestani, Shahrooz Sadr, Navid Zafar, Hamid Arabi, Bahram Ghonchepour, Siamak Filizadeh, Mohammad Keyvan, and  Nosratollah Moslemian.


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