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New York Art Book Fair 2022

Author : Sara Taheran

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

Printed Matter plans to hold the NY Art Book Fair from October 13 to 16, 2022, after a two-year hiatus, at a new location on 548 West street. The event aims to provide a platform to introduce publishers of artist books.

The NY Art Book Fair was established in 2006, and today it is one of the most famous global gatherings for distributing artist books. Each year, the exhibition hosts a wide range of artists, lesser-known publications, galleries, and sellers of rare books and antiques and it attracts many visitors during each edition.

Shannon Michael Cane Award

In the event's previous editions, a ceremony was planned to award the Shannon Michael Cane prize. Cane was one of the people involved in arranging the NY Art Book Fair. The ceremony will continue to be held again starting this year. The prize will be awarded to four exhibitors who have attended the event for the first time and have recently started their activity in publishing. This year, there is an additional plan for black and colored artists and publishers to be awarded a grant.

Introduction to "Printed Matter"

In the early 1960s, pioneers of conceptual art began to consider printing books as an artistic medium that was affordable financially and allowed artworks to be displayed outside the gallery. Accordingly, artists and those involved in arts in the US, including conceptual artist Sol LeWitt and curator and art critic Lucy Lippard, decided to respond to the increasing interest in publications produced by artists. So "Printed Matter" was established in 1976. Besides exchanging contemporary art ideas and experiences, Printed Matter started NY Art Book Fair in 2004 and LA Art Fair in 2013, which are among the most important centers for researching, publishing, distributing, and honoring artist books.


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