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Opening of the Future Fair 2022 in New York

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

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Future Fair was launched officially in 2020. This year the opening of this art fair coincided with New York Art Week from May 5 to 7, in New York City. The VIP Preview will be held on May 4 and the public can attend the fair until May 7. The second edition of Future Fair will display selected pieces at the Chelsea Industrial. Approximately 50 other exhibitors will attend the show as well. Affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in its first year, the in-person show of the Future Fair began in 2021. Additionally, the Artsy website will collaborate with Future Fair this year.

Reihaneh Hosseini | Untitled | 2020 | oil on canvas | 50.8 × 40.6 cm


Rachel Mijares Fick and Rebeca Laliberte who both have participated in international fairs and events are the organizers of this art fair. New Cube is an exhibitor of this edition that features the works of Reihaneh Hosseini and Shantel Miller entitled "Body Language".

Regarding these artists' artworks, Mollie Barnes suggests:

"Figurative portraiture overarches this exhibition, critiquing notions of the every day while addressing shared themes of familial legacy, physicality, and community. Each artist, in their own way, explores an introspective journey, questioning radical norms and perceptions of the self."

Grown up in a traditional family, Reihaneh Hosseini was inspired gradually by the nature of her homeland and the communications between people in a liberal environment during one of her trips to Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf. After this period, a new collection of her works was born. She uses painting to convey her new identity concept while still standing on the border between traditional value-oriented spaces and new identity beliefs. In addition to using body-oriented themes as metaphors, this path helped her to deal with the traumas of previous periods of her life.

Artworks showcased in this art fair reveal the themes of the artist's presence on Hormuz Island and the influences she has drawn from it. The red color of the island's soil, the sunburned skins, and the communication of free human beings near the sea have direct references to the artist's experience of being in a different space.   Kamyar Bineshtarigh and Samira Abbassy are other Iranian artists who participate in this event. 



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  • Guests at Future Fair 2021. © Ryan Neeven for DoThings. Courtesy of Future Fair