Five Woks by Marcos Grigorian Auctioned at Doyle 

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Five Woks by Marcos Grigorian Auctioned at Doyle 

Author : Sara Taheran

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Doyle New York will perform an auction titled "Doyle + Design" on June 8, 2022. Doyle is one of the most famous auction houses renowned for its sales of works of fine arts, jewelry, furniture, decorative objects, ornaments, Asian artworks, postage stamps, rare books, etc. The auction house was established in 1962 in New York, and Kathleen M. Doyle is currently the chairman.  

Marcos Grigorian | Erebuni I | 1997 | woven carpet | 231 × 122 cm


In this auction 308 works in different fields, from visual arts to furniture design and decorative objects, are auctioned, as well as five Armenian rugs by Iranian artist and collector, Marcos Grigorian. He was a key figure in promoting Iranian modern art and played a vital role in reviving Qahveh-Khaneh painting as an authentic Iranian painting style and introducing it to the world. After decades, he is still considered noteworthy by critics, art enthusiasts, and auction houses.  


Five rugs from Marcos Grigorian's collection auctioned this year at Doyle: 

  1. Lot 30, Erebuni I (1997); 122 × 231 cm (designed 1957)  

  2. Lot 31, Aramazed (1995); 113 × 231 cm (designed 1965) 

  3. Lot 32, Ara and Shamiramis (1986); 222 × 128 cm (designed 1956)  

  4. Lot 33, Garni (1998); 110 × 211 cm (designed 1957) 

  5. Lot 34, Urartu (1986); 124 × 220 cm (designed 1957) 

Doyle has estimated sales value of $3000 to 4000 for each of these rugs.  

Bonhams will also auction 46 artworks by Grigorian on June 23, 2022.  



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