Breaking the Sculptures' Molds of Parviz Tanavoli

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Breaking the Sculptures' Molds of Parviz Tanavoli

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A few of   Parviz Tanavoli's sculptures'    molds had been broken on November 20, 2021. This event took place in the artist's pool in front of gallery owners, collectors, and practitioners of the visual art field. 

Last year, Tanavoli destroyed some of the molds of his giant bronze sculptures in Canada. This event is quite common for sculptors around the world and happens once all the editions of a work are completed. This will prevent any more copies of those existing works.

These shattered items include fiberglass molds and 70 plaster molds for small sculptures, including the sculptures "Heech", "Hands", "Lovers" and three molds for "Wall" related to the "Persepolis" sculpture.

 Tandis Tanavoli, Tanavoli's daughter and the manager of his museum, points out, "we were planning this event for two years". She also hopes that with a professional team of cameramen, all the collectors of Tanavoli's works and museum managers around the world would get notified about this event.

First, the "Heech" fiberglass molds were broken, and then the single bronze mold of the "Lovers"  sculpture. Following that, a few of the small bronze chairs, ceramic lions, and the famous "Persepolis" sculpture got destroyed too. In a part of this event, gallery owners and collectors also participated in breaking the molds.