Armenia Art Fair 2022

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Armenia Art Fair 2022

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

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Armenia Art Fair 2022 was held in Yerevan, from May 27 to 30 in the presence of experts and influential figures in today's art world. Iain Robertson, the British writer and art expert, was the curator of this event. Important issues of this year's event were "price difference between virtual and actual artworks, the visual arts most likely to attract future support, and the essential ingredients for cultural sustainability." The art fair provided an opportunity for direct interaction with gallerists and art dealers in order to discuss contemporary art outlooks and its progress in future. Three main sections of Armenia Art Fair 2022 are "Meet the Gallerists", "Art and Technology", and "Focus on" which consists of round table discussions about "Cultural sustainability and the role of the non-profit sector in developing regional and national art worlds." 

Among all the works displayed in this event, there are artworks by Iranian artists which are presented by Saye Art Gallery and Asr Art Gallery from Iran, and Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art from Spain. Saye Art Gallery exhibited works created by Sheida Gholipour, Ameneh Esfandiyari, Ali Daghigh, Elham Ghorbanishad, Parsa Hosseinpour, Hani Najm, Sara Rashidi, and Mahboobeh Mirzaei. Artworks by Narges Khademi, Mahta Moeini, Mina Ghahramani, and Hanane Jalou were presented by Asr Art Gallery. Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art which is focused on presenting works by Middle Eastern and African artists, displayed works by Rabe-e Baghshani and Jalal Mashhadifard

The geographic location and historical connections of Armenia are the important features that distinguish the art fair's vital role in the global exchange of artworks.  



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