From San Francisco to Delhi; a Review on the Latest Art Fairs

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From San Francisco to Delhi; a Review on the Latest Art Fairs

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

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From April to early May, the visual arts world witnessed the gathering of artworks presented by galleries that participate annually in international art fairs. Several galleries in San Francisco, Dallas, London, Berlin, Brussels, and Delhi showcased    works by both established and emerging artists from all around the world during this period. From the 38th edition of Art Brussels 2022 which possesses the oldest history among the art fairs held during the past month to Paper Positions with its 6th edition, each added a new perspective on the visual arts world with their specific approaches and distinguished projects.

During the last days of April, Dallas Art Fair and Art Market San Francisco hosted the shows by galleries in the US. In its 10th edition, Art Market San Francisco exhibited modern and contemporary artworks from across the world in 85 galleries and held some talks on NFT, the importance of handicrafts in today's art world, etc. as well. The market also collaborated with to provide a platform for online viewing of works during the exhibition. One of the remarkable points of this event was displaying the works of Mehrdad Jafari and Hossein Tamjid, two Iranian artists, at Shideh Gallery in San Francisco.

Shideh Gallery focused on the capacities of the creative younger generation in this event. Hossein Tamjid, with his multicolored abstract works, and Mehrdad Jafari, with his human-like animals, presented some parts of their lived experiences to the viewers.


Kamrooz Aram | Installation view of Green Art Gallery | Dallas Art Fair 2022 | Source: Official Instagram Account of Green Art Gallery


Dallas Art Fair announced the opening of its 14th edition one day after the Art Market San Francisco and displayed the artworks of 85 international galleries to the public at Fashion Industry Gallery. The works of two Iranian artists, Kamrooz Aram and Hiva Alizadeh, were present in this art fair as well. This year, due to the decreased number of Covid-19 cases, Dallas hosted more galleries than last year.

Afshan Daneshvar | Untitled | Boat | 2022 | origami handmade nepal locta paper, tissue paper, carbon copy paper and acid-free glue | 75 × 38 cm


London Art Fair, Paper Positions, and Art Brussels introduced different international galleries in order to exhibit their works around Europe. In its 34th edition, London Art Fair started by showcasing over 100 galleries at Islington Center and included other sections such as art projects, talks about art and technology, art and music, and current photographic issues. Beside the Platform section with emerging and less-known artists, London Art Fair 2022 introduced the artworks by prominent figures in women's issues at The New Hall Art Collection. The works mostly addressed myth-making and self-fashioning.


The 6th edition of the Paper Positions event was held in Berlin and concentrated on presenting the artists who focus specifically on paper as the medium for creating their artworks. In this edition of the event, a new prize was also introduced: the LEUE & NILL, which is given to the best gallery with financial support from the LEUE & NILL. O Gallery from Iran participated in this event with the works by Afshan Daneshvar, Ali Nassir, and Elham Yazdanian. Paper Art Award 2022 was given to the "Boat Series" by Afshan Daneshvar.


Art Brussel 2022 held its 38th edition in Belgium with 160 international art galleries. Mohsen Gallery from Iran was present at the event, showcasing the artworks of Majid Biglari, Ali Phi, Amir Nasr Kamgooyan, and Samira Hodaei. Moreover, other Iranian artists participated in this edition of Art Brussel with international galleries: Nasser Bakhshi, Nazanin Pouyandeh, Navid Nuur, Sam Samiee, and Sanam Khatibi who obtained the opportunity to display their works along with established and emerging artists from all around the world. Active since 2013 with a concentration on supporting young talents, this art event dedicated the Discovery Award to this goal and pursued other sections including Prime, Rediscovery, Invited, and Solo as well.



Majid Biglari | Terrace | 2022 | iron, tin, paint | 45 × 80 × 3 cm



Farbod Elkaei | Untitled | acrylic on cardboard | 50 × 35 cm

Meanwhile, in Asia, the 13th edition of the India Art Fair was taking place in New Delhi. The selected works of more than 70 galleries were presented regarding the art fair's goal of providing a place for exploring modern and contemporary art in Southern Asia. The daily program of the event was also accessible for online visiting at Some Iranian visual artists were present at this event: Babak Haghi, Farbod Elkaei, Pooya Aryanpour, Kambiz Sabri, Khosrow Hasanzadeh, and Katayoun Karami.


These art fairs along with other art events across the world, provide an adequate atmosphere for the viewers to interact with the artists that are exhibiting their works along with those of the great artists of the modern and contemporary era. There will also be new editions of different art fairs in May: Future Fair, NADA, Frieze, and Independent in the US; Photo London and Eye of the Collector in England; JINGART, Art Basel Hong Kong, and Armenia Art Fair in the East; and Art Basel, Art Rotterdam, and Menart Fair.






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