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Amin Yousefi Nominated for Carte Blanche Students 2022

Author : Sara Taheran

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On Monday, July 11, 2022, Paris Photo announced the names of the twenty selected candidates for its "Carte Blanche" award; the name of Amin Yousefi, a young Iranian photographer, is on the list of winners as well.


About the "Carte Blanch" Award

"Eyes Dazzle As They Search for Truth" | Amin Yousefi | Source: www.parisphoto.com


The Carte Blanche award is dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students in the field of photography who are studying in European art schools. In each period of this art competition, many photography students participate, and out of which only 4 students will win this competition. The works of these winners will be displayed on a large scale at Paris Photo, the largest world exhibition in the field of photography, as well as at the Gares du Nord, one of the most visited train stations in the world. This fall (2022) is the sixth edition that Paris Photo has organized this art event in collaboration with the Picto Foundation and the French National Railway Company (SNCF). It should be mentioned that last year (2021) Mina Boromand from Iran became one of the four winners of this student competition with her photo collection titled "Aphantasia".


Jury members of this edition are:

  • Sylvain Bailly, Director of Cultural Affairs, SNCF Gares & Connexions 
  • Florence Bourgeois, Director of Paris Photo
  • Jane'a Johnson, Artistic Director Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
  • Vincent Marcilhacy, Picto Foundation
  • Roger Szmulewicz, Founder & Director of Fifty One Gallery


About Paris Photo Art Fair

This year, the 25th Paris Photo art fair will be held from Thursday, November 10 to Sunday, November 13 at the Grand Palais in Paris. Paris Photo which has been active in this field since 1997 brings together artists, gallerists, collectors, and specialized publishers of this field every year to progress, promote, and discover new talents in the field of photography from all over the world.


About Amin Yousefi

Amin Yousefi is one of the photography graduates of Isfahan University of Art, who is currently studying documentary photography at Westminster University, London. He has participated in many events and solo and group shows and was selected as the Ag Galerie talent in 2019 with the work "Life, Death and other Similar Things". This gallery has been active in holding international exhibitions for many years. Yousefi's works mostly deal with issues such as urban landscape, environment, humanity, and the consequences of war, most of which are derived from his lived experience in a war-stricken area.

He has participated in the "Carte Blanche" award competition with a work entitled "Eyes Dazzle As They Search for Truth". These photos depict people who are staring at the camera from the crowd of people during the height of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.



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