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Luc Tuymans' Solo Show at David Zwirner Gallery

Author : Sara Taheran

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On Friday, June 10, 2022, a solo exhibition of Luc Tuymans' new works, a Belgian artist, titled "Eternity" opened at David Zwirner Gallery in Paris, which will continue until Saturday, 23 July. This is the first time that Paris hosts a solo exhibition of this artist's works.


Luc Tuymans | Source: www.ludion.be

About Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans (1958) appeared in the early 1980s. Despite using modern mediums, this artist has always remained loyal to oil and figurative painting. Unlike the works of his contemporaries and instead of being limited to a style, his works use this medium as a tool to explore the images and then combine them with a tense history. In other words, he is often discovering ways to first layer the historical information and then fit it into certain scenes. Most of these works are taken from pre-existing images collected from various sources that Tuymans colors them with a palette of light colors. In this way, he narrates faded memories that often refer to bitter and terrible historical events such as war, violence, colonialism, and the Holocaust.

About the "Eternity" Show

Expanding his research during recent decades, Tuymans draws attention to the history of painting and the inherent emphasis of this medium on an illusion in his works. An illusion of the growing socio-political collapse of Western societies. In fact, in this way, he exacerbates the gap between seeing and knowing, which is one of the main characteristics of his work. Meanwhile, the work "Eternity", from which the name of this show is also derived, has a spherical form and is also considered one of the few works of Tuymans in which vivid and bright colors are used. In fact, the uneven surface of this sphere refers to the real world; the glass dome made in the laboratory of Werner Heisenberg, the famous German physicist, which was used to simulate hydrogen bomb explosions. During World War II, Heisenberg played a very effective role in helping the German army to develop nuclear weapons, although it is not clear whether he helped or prevented this from happening. Although the subject of these works is not the crimes themselves, Tuymans repeatedly refers to these historical tragedies in his works in order to combine them with historical narratives and collective memory through images.


He states about his work:

"The idea with my imagery is that it has to work from afar, but once you get close to it, it disintegrates… That's what it's all about."


About David Zwirner Gallery

David Zwirner is a contemporary art gallery that was first established in New York City in 1993 and gradually opened other branches in famous cities of the world including London (2012), Hong Kong (2018), and Paris (2019). In addition to displaying the famous works of the art world, this art space has played an important role in the identification and development of today's artistic figures.



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