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Eye of the Collector 2022

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

The second edition of the Eye of the Collector art fair is running in London from May 11 to 14, 2022. In this event, ancient objects dating back to 4000 years ago are displayed along with contemporary ones. Nazi Vasegh founded this art fair in order to provide a new platform for gathering artworks from all over the world. Viewing Rooms of the art fair are arranged to explore creative methods of presenting artworks and creating innovative ways of collecting and representing them. The Viewing Rooms are designed in a way that the viewers can imagine themselves in the private collection space of an art collector while visiting artworks brought together from around the world.  

Nazi Vasegh says about the event: 

We all have the spirit of discovering and rediscovering in our hearts. Half of the artworks here are created by women artists, and we eagerly look forward to introducing past and contemporary artworks by women artists. Moreover, some of the artworks are specially created for the Eye of the Collector and are displayed for sale.  

Artworks presented in this event are related to a considerable diversity of historical and geographic origins; from the Greek Chalcidising Eye-Cup to the contemporary sculptures of Eilis O'Connell, and the Surrealistic works of Cissie Kean. Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Opera Gallery are among the galleries attending the event. In one of the artworks by Catalina Swinburn, there are visible signs of Iran's ancient history. The artwork is called "Vetulonia" and has been presented by Selma Feriani Gallery. It consists of a fabric surface on which patterns of stones, dating back to the Persian and Assyrian empires, are depicted. Committee members of the Eye of the Collector select the artworks to be displayed at the event. The works will also be displayed at Two Temple Place and will be available for visiting and purchasing on the Artsy website.