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Hoda Kashiha Is Mentioned Among the Rising Stars of the Los Angeles Frieze

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The Freeze website published an article about emerging stars and pioneering artists in contemporary art who have had their works displayed in this edition of Frieze Los Angeles 2022, held in person February 17-20 and virtually in the Viewing Room February 15-22; "From figures subverting the rules and politics of art history, to those capturing the experiences of marginalized communities in their work."

Hoda Kashiha | Torn in Eternity | 2021 | acrylic and glitter powder on canvas | 200 × 200 cm


In this article, An Iranian artist named Hoda Kashiha (b. 1986) is mentioned. She displayed her work at the Dastan Gallery booth at Frieze Los Angeles this year. "Hoda Kashiha mixes observations of the feminist struggle in her native Iran masterpieces taken from art history, with pop culture, emojis, and comic cartoons – resulting in bold imagery that constantly shifts between reality and imagination."

Many of Hoda Kashiha's works have been presented at world art events, and she is a recipient of numerous awards in the field of visual arts.





cover and slider image:

  • dastan.gallery | photographer: Casey Kelbaugh