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Meysam Hamrang and Sina Shiri at the Exhibition of Street Photographers in Paris 

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

Reading Time : 1 Minute

Works selected by the Street Photographers Foundation were displayed from May 27 to 29, 2022 in Paris. The exhibition, held in Galerie Joseph Le Palais, includes 62 photographs by 43 street photographers from all over the world.  

David Campany from the International Center of Photography, Andrea Bruce from the National Geographic, Anna Godfery from Prestel, Nikos Economopoulos from Magnum Photos, and Masoud Gharaei, founder of the Street Photographers Foundation, were the members of the jury who finally selected photographs with a certain level of creativity and visual quality to be exhibited in the show. Authenticity was also another criterion which played an important role in the selection of works.  

The selected works represent viewpoints of photographers from different cultures and countries, who have photographed street life in various regions of the world. Since the beginning of its activity, the Street Photographers Foundation has always tried to provide a platform for emerging artists in street photography to present their works in a space exclusively assigned to this field. Sina Shiri and Meysam Hamrang are among the 43 photographers selected as finalists.