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Ahmad Aali's First Photo Show

Author : Shamim Sabzevari

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

For the very first time, Ahmad Aali had his solo show at Farhang Hall in 1963.

Ahmad Aali's show poster at Farhang Hall | 1964 | Image copyright: "Ahmad Aali's Selection of Works 1961-2009." | Nazar Publication


This show is of special importance both in art history and the status of art photography in Iran; because holding such a show at that time was a sign of Aali's pioneer character and his endeavors to change the public approach and tastes of the curators of art and culture about this medium. At that time, photography was accepted as an independent art along with other visual media, and solo and group photography shows were being held. Aali presented photos of people, nature, and architecture in which he used innovative perspectives and compositions. He continued his work assiduously and after this event, he held shows of his works in 1965, 1967,1969, and 1971.

In the book "Book of Aali"   Ahmad Aali states:

"My first serious step towards photography started with my first show. I wanted to say that photography is an eloquent language like any other plastic art discipline made for expressing emotions and investigations of the objective truth and evident combinations and forms, their mixture with the subjective truth, and its vast domain.

While photography was considered as a means for recollecting memories, suggesting memorial or mere leisure that never stepped beyond that boundary, starting this work was intertwined with anxiety for me. Being affected by this reality and considering people's social classes and thoughts, I presented different works with different appearances. I wanted to help people with what they already knew so that this familiarity led to a perception of truth and its sheer beauty. It's in that state which the familiar can be a portrait or a landscape and a building, etc., that people face on a daily basis and use them in their lives, and likewise, I continued my path.

A specific chosen "perspective" is needed to find the balance point of objects and reach their particular personal and abstract beauty. I want to express the   hidden beauties     and facts within objects, and I want to create the concinnities that I think are important."


Ahmad Aali | Tehran | 1963 | Image copyright: "Ahmad Aali's Selection of Works 1961-2009." | Nazar Publication


Slider: Ahmad Aali, Fasham, 1962, Image copyright: "Ahmad Aali's selection of works 1961-2009", Nazar Publication.