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Yokohama Triennale 2024
Yokohama Triennale

15 Mar - 9 Jun, 2024

Yokohama Triennale 2024

In the 8th Yokohama Triennale, "Wild Grass: Our Lives",  we wish to revisit a selection of historical moments, events, figures, and trends of thoughts since the beginning of the 20th century. Some examples include the resonance of Japanese and Chinese left-wing woodcut movements in the early 1930s, the rise of subjective imaginary in the postwar cultural construction in East Asia, the reflection on modernity after the global radical movements of the late 1960s, and the critical and emancipatory energy of postmodernism in full swing in the 1980s. On this basis, we draw inspiration from the anarchist practices and thoughts that have emerged since the proposal of the end of history, to explore options for possible dialogue between individuals and established rules, and institutions. In this Triennale, we prioritize the relationship between art and its intellectual underpinnings.

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Open days: March 15 to June 9, 2024 Open: 10:00–18:00|Closed: Thursdays (except for April 4, May 2, June 6) Venues: Yokohama Museum of Art | Former Daiichi Bank Yokohama Branch | BankART KAIKO


The Yokohama Museum of Art

The Yokohama Museum of Art

The Yokohama Museum of Art, which opened in 1989, was the first facility completed in the Minato Mirai 21 central district, designed by Kenzo Tange, one of Japan’s leading postwar architects.

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