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10th Triennial of Contemporary Art
U3 Museum of Modern Art Triennial

115 days to the ending

21 Jun - 17 Nov, 2024

10th Triennial of Contemporary Art

The exhibition presents an overview of artworks created over the last five years in relation to the Slovenian art scene, and is, more importantly, a direct reflection of our time, which, however, should not be understood as having a linear structure, but instead as a complex cyclical entity, as something Jorge Luis Borges dwells on in many of his stories presenting time as nonlinear, cyclical or changeable, undermining the usual concepts of the past, present, and future.

Against the Stream of Time involves the viewers in the choreography of the multilayered meanings of various artistic artefacts, gestures, and reflections that are defined by social mechanisms as those that have the potential of triggering an experience in viewers.


  • -  Ardalan Sadeghi

Visitor Information

Open days: June 21 - November 17, 2024