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Toronto Biennial of Art 2024
Toronto Biennial of Art





21 Sep - 1 Dec, 2024

Toronto Biennial of Art 2024

TBA is currently preparing the third Biennial edition, curated by Dominique Fontaine and Miguel A. López and opening on September 21, 2024.

For the third edition of the Toronto Biennial of Art (TBA), titled Precarious Joys, we have been immersed in dialogues and active listening, a crucial element in our curatorial journey traversing national and international landscapes, numerous artist studios, and art encounters in Toronto, throughout Canada, and beyond.///

Some of the presented artworks address the various layers of history that define life in Toronto, while others reflect broader social and political structures of inequality and power under global neoliberal governance. Key issues that resonate across the exhibition include environmental justice, sovereignty, self-representation, belonging and migration, land dispossession, collective memory, feminist genealogies, diasporic sonic cultures, sacred plant wisdom, weaving as spiritual listening, resistance and resilience, ancestorship, and queer worldmaking.

Morehshin Allahyari is a NY-based Iranian-Kurdish artist using 3D simulation, video, sculpture, and digital fabrication as tools to re-figure myth and history. Through archival practices and storytelling, her work weaves together complex counternarratives in opposition to the lasting influence of Western technological colonialism in the context of MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Leila Zelli, Born in Tehran, lives and works in Montréal. Zelli is interested in the relationship that we have with the ideas of "others" and "elsewhere" and more specifically within this geopolitical space often referred to by the questionable term "Middle East". She creates in situ digital installations using existing images, videos and texts often found on the Internet.


  • -  Leila Zelli
  • -  Morehshin Allahyari

Visitor Information

Open days: 21 September to 1 December 2024 The Toronto Biennial of Art will have a central exhibition and programs hub at 32 Lisgar Street, in the heart of West Queen Street West.