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OpenArt 2024
OpenArt Biennale

57 days to the ending

15 Jun - 8 Sep, 2024

OpenArt 2024

OpenArt is the citizens of Örebro's recurring art exhibition, outdoors, in the middle of the city. The biennale creates inspiration, new thoughts, and conversations that promote democracy both during and between exhibition years. OpenArt is for everyone, and art must therefore be accessible to and engage everyone. OpenArt works on behalf of The Culture and Leisure Department in Örebro Municipality to provide art experiences and make art accessible to children, young people and adults.

The ninth edition of the art biennial takes place between June 15 and September 8, 2024.


  • -  Atoosa Farahmand
  • -  Sadaf Ahmadi

Visitor Information

The art exhibition is open to everyone and is experienced outdoors and without an entrance ticket. Open days: June 15 to September 8, 2024 For more information about what you can do in Örebro, go to www.visitorebro.se

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