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6th Mardin Biennial
Mardin Biennial

17 days to the ending

10 May - 10 Jun, 2024

6th Mardin Biennial

The Mardin Biennial was first organized in 2010 with the aim of transforming Mardin into a center of contemporary art and bringing new approaches and gains to the region through the language of art.

The biennial, which aims to contribute to the visibility of the existing artistic accumulation and production in the region as well as presenting the artists' messages about life, takes place both in Mardin's historical sites with their unique architecture and culture, and in places where daily life continues.

In this biennial, will be displayed by works Alan Sekula, Victor Burgin, Nil Yalter, Thierry Kuntzel, Seza Paker and more.


  • -  Mahyad Tousi

Visitor Information

All venues are open until 10:00 in the morning and 17:00 in the evening all days of the week.

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The 6th Mardin Biennial: Gazing "Further Away"

The 6th Mardin Biennial: Gazing "Further Away"

Curated by Ali Akay, the 6th edition of Mardin Biennial, aiming to transform Mardin into one of the contemporary art centers and to provide the region with new approaches and gains through the language of art, will be hosted from May 10th to June 10th, 2024.

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