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Manifesta 15 Barcelona
Manifesta Bienniale





8 Sep - 24 Nov, 2024

Manifesta 15 Barcelona

Manifesta is the European Nomadic Biennial, held in a different host city every two years. It is a major international art event, attracting visitors from all over the world. Manifesta is the go-to place for discovering emerging artists, thought-provoking ideas, new artworks specifically commissioned for the event, and creative experiences in dialogue with spectacular locations of each host city.///

Manifesta 15 Barcelona has created a new framework for social and ecological research, actions and interventions that are being established with ten research participants across the metropolitan region of Barcelona.

Manifesta 15 aims to explore alternative urban and mobility structures and new ways to connect social and artistic communities and infrastructures. Manifesta 15 will investigate the relation of the metropolitan cities with the inner city of Barcelona whilst creating new collaborations between the individual metropolitan cities. The focus will be the cross-pollination between the metropolitan cities, their communities and their needs, through artistic interventions and community projects.

Manifesta changes location every two years.


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Open days: 8 September to 24 November 2024

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