KMA International 2021

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KMA International 2021
KMA International Biennale

11 Jul - 19 Sep, 2021

KMA International 2021

Cladogram: 2nd KMA International Juried Biennale, juried by Yasmeen Siddiqui, brings together artists working in visual and written media. A cladogram is a branching diagram that shows relationships among different species and their history of evolution. Similarly, this exhibition will include work that engages with personal or family history, explores ways in which historical objects and ideas are organized, categorized and displayed, and challenges the dominant narrative of history and art history. With Cladogram, the KMA presents a broad range of contemporary work created by artists based locally, regionally and from 21 countries around the world in an effort to build networks of artists internationally. Yasmeen Siddiqui is a curator, essayist, lecturer and the founding director of Minerva Projects, which supports interdisciplinary artists. Awards will be granted for the top three submissions.