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1st Klima Biennale Vienna
Klima Biennale

54 days to the ending

5 Apr - 14 Jul, 2024

1st Klima Biennale Vienna

With the vision and innovative power of art, the Klima Biennale Wien spurs the paradigm shift toward a livable and sustainable future on our planet. The Biennale will stake out viable responses to the climate crisis together with the people of Vienna. The Klima Biennale Wien 2024 faces the challenge of making the highly complex and acute issues of global change, the climate crisis, species extinction, and the impacts on the human-nature fabric visible and tangible for everyone.

In its exhibitions, in public spaces or as part of the festival programme, the Klima Biennale Wien brings together current positions from the fields of international contemporary art, design, architecture and science that point the way to socially and ecologically just world relations.


  • -  Hananeh Heidari
  • -  Shirin Mohammad
  • -  Kimia Rastgou Moghadam
  • -  Negin Rezaei
  • -  Shayan Kazemi

Visitor Information

Open days: April 5 - July 14, 2024 Even hours: 10 am - 8 pm

News and Articles

The First Edition Of Klima Biennale Opens In Vienna

The First Edition Of Klima Biennale Opens In Vienna

Klima Biennale, which bills itself as “the first ever climate-focused art festival in the world”, has opened at the KunstHausWien and across Vienna on April 5th and will run until July 14th, 2024. The biennale is composed of several exhibitions and parallel programs.

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