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15th Dakar Biennale
Dakar Biennale





7 Nov - 7 Dec, 2024

15th Dakar Biennale

The Dak’Art was conceived in 1989 as a biennale alternating between literature and art. The Biennale of Contemporary African Art aims at being a space of different prejudice-free visions on approaches and inspirations to analyse in relation to a plurality of influences from both immediate and farther sources.///

This edition will explore the various meanings and evocations of the term ‘wake’ (awakening, trail, funeral wake, gindiku18), whose rich semantic range ultimately provides cultural and metaphorical bridges between art and society.

This place is able to speak to the rising concerns brought up in research and exhibitions, that are thematically connecting environmental concerns, social concerns and colonial histories.

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Open days: November 7 - December 7, 2024