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101 days to the ending

27 Mar - 3 Nov, 2024

Beaufort 24

Beaufort is a triennial for contemporary art that has been taking place since 2003 along the sea walls, beaches and dunes of the Belgian coast. Throughout the previous editions of the Triennial by the Sea, the coastal municipalities purchased various artworks. These either remained at their original locations or were assigned a new venue. This is how the Beaufort Sculpture Park featuring 40 works of art in the public domain, was born. It is the largest open-air exhibition taking place in the unique scenery of the Coast.///

From 27 March to 3 November 2024, you will once again discover unique artworks by contemporary, international artists in the participating coastal municipalities. Each coastal municipality will present a new work of art that will remain standing afterwards, and in addition there will be a temporary work of art for the duration of the triennial.

Beaufort24 is rooted in the idea of natural connections. ‘Fabric of Life’ serves as the point of departure, a common thread, a wickerwork of various lines and fibres, directions, and patterns. Simultaneously, this weaving metaphor provides an avenue to comprehend certain facets of our present reality, to reassess our immediate, communal public space, and to connect it to numerous potential worlds, predictions, and desires.

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Open days: March 27 - November 3, 2024

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Beaufort24 opened

Beaufort24 opened

Curator Els Wuyts invited 18 national and international artists who created 18 artworks: two in each participating coastal municipality. This time, Beaufort24 proposes focusing even more intensely on the location of the artworks.

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