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Bangkok Art Biennale 2024
Bangkok Art Biennale





24 Oct, 2024 - 25 Feb, 2025

Bangkok Art Biennale 2024

The Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) 2024 titled Nurture Gaia  after one of the many personifications of Mother Earth, her various historical expressions as a symbol of mother, nurturer, and giver of life, reaches across time and links cultures. Beyond Gaia’s mythic and mystical manifestations, she has also inspired scientific theories and philosophies. BAB 2024 will focus on differences between nature and nurture, complex ideas of femininity and feminine values, and contemplative engagements with ecopolitics, animism, and the supernatural.

In 2024, get ready to be dazzled by the works of world-renowned artists including Joseph Beuys (Germany), Louise Bourgeois (France), Amanda Coogan (Ireland), Yanawit Kunchaethong (Thailand), Princess Marsi Paribatra (Thailand), Jessica Segall (USA), and more.

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Open Days: 24 October 2024 to 25 February 2025

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Marina's soul searching in Bangkok

Marina's soul searching in Bangkok

According to the Bangkok Post: The Spirits Of Maritime Crossing opens in Venice -- specifically in a cemetery. In a way, this is a tale of a foreign soul in search of solace in the Orient. From Venice (Bangkok of the West), Marina Abramovic makes a crossing to Bangkok.

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