11 May - 24 Nov, 2019





The Venice Biennial has for over a century been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. Ever since its foundation in 1895, it has been in the avant-garde, promoting new artistic trends and organizing international events in the contemporary arts in accordance with a multi-disciplinary model, which characterizes its unique nature.

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Open Days: May 11 - November 24 from 10 to 18


Iran's Pavilion Information: Curator: Ali Bakhtiari. Exhibitors: Reza Lavassani, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Ali Meer Azimi. Exhibition Title: "Of Being and Singing"

Venice Biennale: May You Live in Interesting Times

The Venice Biennale

Ca’ Giustinian | San Marco 1364/A | Venice | Italy

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