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Arts of the East and India
Millon and Associés Paris | Paris





Auction date : 24 Jun 2024

Millon and Associés Paris

The Millon – North Africa, Middle East and India department presents the second chapter of its summer season in Drouot. Collections from passionate travellers crossing India in the Maghreb include the archives of Mirza Reza Khan Arfa, an intellectual, poet, diplomat and art collector. These documents are a rich testimony of morals, of fashion, and of course of diplomatic relations between Persia and Russia, Spain and Monaco at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Another driving force behind travel and trade is the camel and camel are the bow figures of commercial caravans and ideas. But camelids are also a source of inspiration in art. A magnificent composite shepherd's plateau presents the inventiveness of Indian artists, or an exceptional camel sculpture by Moses Chemla, shows the real tour de force of the potter's craftsman. Astronomical sciences are also at the heart of this sale with a fine selection of astrolabes. As invented in antiquity, they have been perfected in the Arab-Persian world as a high-value product. Finally, you will find all kinds of productions such as costumes and ceremonial items including clothing, rich weapons and jewellery from Central Asia to the Balkans. But also ceramics from the early centuries of Islam to the creations of Western artists such as Edmé Samson or Léon Parvillé, bohemian glassworks, fine Suzani or Indian shawls.

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Artworks by Iranians

Yervand Nahapetian
Yervand Nahapetian

Lot 215

1962 | Shah Mosque, Isfahan


58 × 45cm

Est: 1,500 - 2,000€


Yervand Nahapetian
Yervand Nahapetian

Lot 216

Prayer at the Shah Mosque, Isfahan


58 × 42cm

Est: 1,500 - 2,000€

Hammer price: 1,500€

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    Lot: 14 Estimate: 80,000 - 120,000€