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Autumn Antiques and Interiors Auction
Hartleys Auctions Ltd | West Yorkshire





Auction date : 14 Sep 2022

Hartleys Auctions Ltd

Hartleys Yorkshire holds an online auction for works of art, antiques, books, and collectibles on 14 September 2022. 

Hartleys began in 1906 in Yorkshire, by Thomas Harley's business. It developed as a family business until 1989 when Hartleys became a totally independent auction house with different departments such as works of art, books and maps, coins, watches, jewelry, silver, and furniture. 

One artwork by the Iranian artist, Helen Zarin is featured in this auction.

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Artworks by Iranians

Helen Zarin
Helen Zarin

Lot 587

Girl with Plant Pot and Guitar

oil on board

76 × 60cm

Est: 400 - 600£

Sold price: 520£