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Ewbank Auction | London





Auction date : 23 Jun 2022

Ewbank Auction

Ewbank holds an auction for artworks and antiques on 23 June 2022 with preview days from 18 to 22 June for potential buyers to visit items closely.

Ewbank, founded in 1990, is an auction house in London that features sales in different categories such as fine art, Asian art, ceramics, antiques, jewelry, silver, and watches. 

One artwork by Parviz Tanavoli, the well-known Iranian artist, is featured for sale in this auction.

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Artworks by Iranians

Parviz Tanavoli
Parviz Tanavoli

Lot 3158A

Hands and Grille


6.5 × 9.5cm

Est: 200 - 400£

Sold price: 1,400£

Previous Highlights

  • Parviz Tanavoli 28 Apr 2022

    Hands and Grille 6.5 × 9.5 cm bronze

    Lot: 2223 Estimate: 200 - 400€ Hammer price: 2,000€