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Free Arts NYC: Silent Benefit Auction 2024
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Auction date : 14 Mar 2024

Free Arts NYC’s Annual Art Auction unites artists who champion our mission to empower youth from underserved communities. For 27 years, we have strived to level the playing field and create equity in the creative space by providing high-quality arts education and 1:1 mentorship for the next generation.

Every year, we partner with over 30 schools, community centers, and transitional housing sites to provide free programming for 1,500 young people ages 5-23.

Explore a thoughtfully curated collection, featuring unique pieces like oil paintings, watercolor drawings, screenprints, and more primarily acquired directly from the artists themselves. Each bid plays a role in shaping the future of young creatives, so join us in making a positive impact.

Bidding for this silent auction will take place exclusively on Artsy and will begin to close on Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 12:00pm EST.

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Artworks by Iranians

Sheree Hovsepian
Sheree Hovsepian

Lot 14

2023 | The Mother Function No. 2

oil and conte crayon on paper

53.3 × 43.2cm

Starting bid: 1,500$

not communicated