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Akademie Auktion 2023
Akademie der bildenden Kunste Wien | Vienna





Auction date : 20 Jan 2023

Akademie der bildenden Kunste Wien

The annual online auction of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cooperation with the Dorotheum Vienna supports students of the students of the Academy who - for example due to their nationality - are exposed to difficult living conditions the associations tralalobe and solidarity matters, which solidarity matters, which cares for refugees in Austria, as well as the Mental Health Fund for students of the Academy. Numerous artists, from exciting newcomers to established greats of the art world, provide high-quality artistic works every year, which will be on view from January 18-20, 2023, in the Prospekthof of the Academy's Atelierhaus.

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Artworks by Iranians

Farshid Larimian
Farshid Larimian

Lot 71

2012 | Untitled

silkscreen on canvas

90 × 130cm