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VOLTA Basel 2022
Volta Basel

13 Jun - 19 Jun, 2022

VOLTA Basel 2022

This June, Basel will welcome collectors and visitors to experience the latest art market's diversity at VOLTA Basel 2022 by following their three principles: Discover, Connect, Collect. The 17th edition of Volta Basel will take place at Elsasserstrasse in Basel from June 13 to 19, 2022. Under Kamiar Maleki's leadership, the art fair's upcoming edition will showcase the most recent positions and leading contemporary art. The presentations range from art forms like painting, sculpture, photography NFTs and digital art. This year's edition of VOLTA Basel will present 67 galleries from 25 nations such as Germany, Romania, Denmark, Japan, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates. VOLTA has recently announced a new collaboration with The Saudi Arabian ATHR Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization based in Jeddah. At VOLTA Basel 2022, this Middle Eastern foundation will present ten burgeoning artists from Saudi Arabia whose works have never been offered at an international art fair. The selection will complement the fair's global line-up of artists. The exhibition, curated by Jumana Ghouth, will explore the notion of intangibility and will be presented at the fair's 70 square meters large pavilion.

Poster:  Francesco Cusumano

In this show

, Ian Francis, Six Person Sitcom Creation Ritual, 2021, 59583
2021 | Six Person Sitcom Creation Ritual

Ian Francis

99 × 152cm

KIRK Gallery

, Philippa Bruck, Foam, 2021, 59582
2021 | Foam

Philippa Bruck


, Federica Aiello Pini, Jungle, 2021, 59497
2021 | Jungle

Federica Aiello Pini

AC Latin Art

, Era Leisner, Stormy Clouds, 2021, 59500
2021 | Stormy Clouds

Era Leisner

120 × 95cm

Galleri Ramfjord

, Era Leisner, River, 2021, 59499
2021 | River

Era Leisner

130 × 100cm

Galleri Ramfjord

, Silvia Strobos, Euphoria, , 59507

Silvia Strobos

Galerie Katapult

, Sait Toprak, Untitled, 2022, 59510
2022 | Untitled

Sait Toprak

50 × 50cm

Goruntu Art Gallery

, Izumi Akiyama, Swag Bouquet, 2016, 59511
2016 | Swag Bouquet

Izumi Akiyama

Kobayashi Gallery

Installation view

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