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UVNT Art Fair 2023

23 Feb - 26 Feb, 2023

UVNT Art Fair celebrates its seventh edition from 23 to 26 February of 2023 at the COAM headquarters in Madrid. A space to explore Visual languages, integrate different aesthetic codes and find new trends in the art world. A fair where to find emerging artists, mid-career artists and among them some names of the international contemporary scene.

More than thirty national and international galleries will be present to reflect, as they do every year, current artistic trends.

Poster: Minyoung Kim

Visitor Information

Vip Viewing: 23 February Public Viewing: 24-25 February

In this show

, Fausto Amundarain Schiamanna, Marionettes, 2023, 64051
2023 | Marionettes

Fausto Amundarain Schiamanna

140 × 100cm

, Jeanine Brito, Death of a Common Enemy, 2023, 64046
2023 | Death of a Common Enemy

Jeanine Brito

180 × 155cm

, Larissa De Jesus Negron, I Don't Feel Safe Anymore, 2022, 64043
2022 | I Don't Feel Safe Anymore

Larissa De Jesus Negron

, Xavi Ceerre, Angel, , 64042

Xavi Ceerre

, Ornella Pocetti, I Died for the Beauty, , 64041
I Died for the Beauty

Ornella Pocetti

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