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Unfair 2022

7 Apr - 10 Apr, 2022

Unfair 2022

A brand new contemporary art fair will open doors in Milan from 8-10 April. (un)fair is an out-of-the-box kind of fair for a new generations of art collectors: an immersive experience with contemporary art, a place for galleries and artists who are writing the history of our days. Dance and performances, music, talks and conferences: get closer to contemporary art in new ways. the concept - Artwork: Alketa Delishaj

In this show

, Kamran Diba, Lost, 2011, 57786
2011 | Lost

Kamran Diba

150 × 125cm

Nian Gallery

, Maryam Razavi, Untitled, 2020, 57784
2020 | Untitled

Maryam Razavi

Nian Gallery

, Vahid Hosseinpour, Untitled, 2020, 57785
2020 | Untitled

Vahid Hosseinpour

Nian Gallery

, Amirhossein Dezfouli, Untitled, , 57782

Amirhossein Dezfouli

Nian Gallery

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