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The Other Art Fair - Sydney 2021
The Other Art Fair

18 Mar - 28 Mar, 2021

The Other Art Fair - Sydney 2021

The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art, gives you the opportunity to meet a curated selection of over 110 independent artists and browse thousands of pieces to suit every budget under one roof. With prices starting from as little as $100, this is an art fair for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time art buyer, seasoned collector, curator, investor, gallery owner, art lover or anything in between, you are guaranteed to find something to add to your collection.

Visitor Information

The Other Art Fair Sydney, taking place live at The Cutaway at Barangaroo from 18-21 March and via their new Virtual Edition, accessible from wherever you are, from 23-28 March.

In this show

, Sarah Omidi, Lily, 2020, 39925
2020 | Lily

Sarah Omidi

47.2 × 47.2cm

, Sarah Omidi, Joy, 2020, 39926
2020 | Joy

Sarah Omidi

21.7 × 21.7cm

, Sarah Omidi, LYLY II, 2020, 39924
2020 | LYLY II

Sarah Omidi

42.1 × 42.1cm

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