Teer Art Fair 2020 | Online Viewing

Teer Art

27 Jul - 10 Aug, 2020
Teer Art Fair 2020  | Online Viewing

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TeerArt will be holding virtual edition of its annual Art Fair from July 27th until August 7th, 2020. Hoping to be a proper alternative considering the conditions the world currently faces, this edition has been set up with the collaboration of 18 active Iranian art galleries. The galleries participating in this event, which will also be present in the physical version of the Art Fair in October 2020. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, TeerArt decided to hold an online event, just as many art fairs around the world did. Even though this type of the exhibit can in no way replace the physical display of the art works, it can be a good alternative considering the critical conditions we are now facing, helping to display the works internationally. In addition, this digital version can be a good way to reach a much wider audience. It was for this same reason that TeerArt prepared a virtual edition of its Art Fair in 2019 for the first time, exhibiting it on its website. The modeling for the exhibition space of this virtual edition was carried out in one of the numerous partially-constructed buildings located in Tehran's 6th district, large-scale projects which have been unfinished for many years. The reason for this was to be able to demonstrate the artistic and cultural potential such spaces possess, to the public and city official alike. These species are situated in an area which, through the presence of galleries, bookstores, cinemas, and theater halls, has gained a unique cultural and artistic identity.

Teer Art Fair 2020  | Online Viewing

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