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Swab Barcelona Art Fair 2023
Swab Barcelona

5 Oct - 8 Oct, 2023

Swab Barcelona Art Fair 2023

Swab is an independent art fair and experimental platform for emerging artistic proposals born in 2006. It is an event that brings together up to 80 galleries from the international scene and functions as a meeting point for the cultural sector on a global scale. The fair aims to bring together a representative sample of the emerging talent that is defining the future of the art market.

With 15 editions under its belt, the fair faces 2023 while maintaining its mission of supporting the spaces and disciplines that are changing the course of the art scene. This edition is taking place from October 5 to 8, 2023.

This year Yafteh Art Gallery is presenting an installation called "The Sorrows of Not-So-Young Werther" by  Tarlan Lotfizadeh  that shows the ability of objects and spaces   to hold memories forever regardless of our existence.

Poster: Thai Mainhard

In this show

, Romy Streep, Flux, 2023, 71774
2023 | Flux

Romy Streep

130 × 110 × 9cm


, Idlir Koka, Landscape with Helicopter and Cow, 2023, 71773
2023 | Landscape with Helicopter and Cow

Idlir Koka

50 × 45cm

Harabel Tirana

, Genis Diego, Mr. Nen, 2023, 71772
2023 | Mr. Nen

Genis Diego

160 × 130cm


, Amparo Viau, Conjoined Moons Luminate my Dream, 2022, 71771
2022 | Conjoined Moons Luminate my Dream

Amparo Viau

250 × 250cm

Gallery Grasa

, Luca Bjørnsten, Cleaners, 2023, 71770
2023 | Cleaners

Luca Bjørnsten

110 × 140cm

JPS Gallery

, Tarlan Lotfizadeh, Anonymous, 2022, 71769
2022 | Anonymous

Tarlan Lotfizadeh

10 × 160cm

Yafteh Gallery

Installation view

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