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Spark 2021
Spark Art Fair

24 Jun - 10 Jul, 2021

Spark 2021

SPARK Art Fair Vienna is debuting an innovative new format from 24 June to 10 July, offering an exciting way for collectors, museums and institutions to discover works from both challenger and established artists with an international scope. In a first for art fairs, SPARK will exclusively feature solo presentations by artists and will offer curated sections led by three top-flight curators: "Utopia: Post-War" by Sabine Breitwieser, "Perspectives" by Tevž Logar, and "Interface – Contemporary New Media and Digital Art" by Marlies Wirth. The premiere of the new international fair for contemporary art in Vienna will feature 59 galleries from Austria and its neighbouring countries. Between 24th and 27th June, 71 solo presentations will be exhibited in Vienna's Marx Halle, 34 of them in the three curated sections.

Visitor Information

VIP View: June 24 Public View: June 25 to July 10

In this show

, Oliver Dorfer, Storyboard njord 22, 2020, 46437
2020 | Storyboard njord 22

Oliver Dorfer

200 × 100cm

Galerie Ernst Hilger

, Frank Uwe Laysiepen, Water for the Dead (Them. Family Portrait), 1992, 46436
1992 | Water for the Dead (Them. Family Portrait)

Frank Uwe Laysiepen

80 × 58cm

Konig Galerie

, Marina Abramovic, Holding the Skeleton, 2008, 46434
2008 | Holding the Skeleton

Marina Abramovic

203 × 180cm

Galerie Krinzinger

, Jeremy Shaw, Cathartic Illustration (New Covenant A, D/2), 2021, 46439
2021 | Cathartic Illustration (New Covenant A, D/2)

Jeremy Shaw

64 × 44 × 3cm

Konig Galerie

, Agnes Denes, The Artist's Hand, 1971, 46438
1971 | The Artist's Hand

Agnes Denes

27.94 × 20.62cm

Acb Gallery

, Ida Szigethy, DER KRIEG IST NIE VORBEI, 1971, 46435

Ida Szigethy

60 × 50cm