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Seattle Art Fair 2023
Seattle Art Fair

27 Jul - 30 Jul, 2023

Seattle Art Fair 2023

The Seattle Art Fair is a one-of-a-kind destination for the best in modern and contemporary art and a showcase for the vibrant arts community of the Pacific Northwest.

Based in Seattle, a city as renowned for its natural beauty as its cultural landscape, the fair brings together the region’s  collector base; local, national, and international galleries; area museums and institutions; and an array of innovative public programming. Founded in 2015 by the late Paul G. Allen, the Seattle Art Fair is produced by AMP Events.

Poster: Kim Dorland

Visitor Information

Vip Viewing: 27 July Public Viewing: 28-30 July

In this show

, Janna Watson, Summer Party, 2023, 66506
2023 | Summer Party

Janna Watson

127 × 101.6cm

, Stephen Fox, The Life Electric, 2022, 66505
2022 | The Life Electric

Stephen Fox

94 × 127cm

, Kim Manfredi, Rise Up Rose, 2023, 66504
2023 | Rise Up Rose

Kim Manfredi

152.4 × 121.9cm

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