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S.E.A Focus 2022
S.E.A Focus

14 Jan - 23 Jan, 2022

S.E.A Focus 2022

S.E.A. Focus is a showcase of contemporary art from Southeast Asia. It aims to bring together a curated selection of some of the finest artists and galleries from across the region to foster a deeper appreciation of contemporary art and artists in Southeast Asia. As an anchor event of the Singapore Art Week, it will break new ground in the coming fourth edition by offering an exciting and complementary blend of digital and in-person art experiences for collectors, artists, galleries and the public. The initiative celebrates the best of contemporary art in Southeast Asia and it is led by STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, and supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore. - Artwork Poster: Tammy Nguyen

Visitor Information

VIP Viewing: 14 January Public Viewing: 15-23 January

In this show

, Iwan Effendi, Sheet No. 3, 2021, 54583
2021 | Sheet No. 3

Iwan Effendi

75 × 60 × 3cm

Mizuma Art Gallery

, Robert Langenegger, Albinism in the Tropics, 2021, 54580
2021 | Albinism in the Tropics

Robert Langenegger

124.5 × 154.9cm


, Yasmin Sison, Genoese Fancies, 2021, 54577
2021 | Genoese Fancies

Yasmin Sison

91.44 × 121.92cm

Yavuz Gallery

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