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Outsider Art Fair - Paris 2019
Outsider Art Fair

17 Oct - 20 Oct, 2019

The Outsider Art Fair or OAF is an international exhibition that features outsider artists who work in a variety of mediums. It is a biannual fair occurring in New York City and Paris, the former taking place in January and the latter in October.

Visitor Information

Address: Atelier Richelieu | No. 60 | rue de Richelieu 75002 | Paris Open Days: 17 - 20 October

In this show

, Carlo Zinelli, Untitled, , 22026

Carlo Zinelli

35 × 50cm


, Mohamed Ahmad Ibrahim, Dijon's Leaflet, 2009, 22025
2009 | Dijon's Leaflet

Mohamed Ahmad Ibrahim

31.7 × 44cm

Lawrie Shabibi

, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Sir Gogiva, , 22024
Sir Gogiva

Felipe Jesus Consalvos

64.8 × 80cm

Andrew Edin Gallery

News and Articles

The Outsider Art Fair Paris

The Outsider Art Fair Paris

The Outsider Art Fair, the premier fair devoted to Self Taught Art, Art Brut, and Outsider Art, has announced the exhibitor list and programming for its forthcoming 7th Paris edition.

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