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NADA New York 2023
New Art Dealers Alliance

18 May - 21 May, 2023

NADA presents the 9th edition of NADA New York, May 18–21, 2023 at 548 West.

NADA’s New York art fair will showcase a diverse selection from over 88 galleries, art spaces, and non-profit organizations spanning 17 countries and 37 cities including Copenhagen, Detroit, Guadalajara, Lima, London, New York, Paris, and Seoul. 

This year’s exhibitors list showcases 53 NADA Members and 31 first-time exhibitors. The fair will also feature NADA Presents, the organization’s signature programming series of conversations, performances, and events.

Poster: Grace Rosario Perkins

Visitor Information

Vip Viewing: 18 May Public Viewing: 19-21 May Address: West Chelsea | 548 West 22nd Street New York | NY | USA

In this show

, Annie Lapin, A Cause (Over Time Through the Varied Mauve Lights), 2023, 65228
2023 | A Cause (Over Time Through the Varied Mauve Lights)

Annie Lapin

Shulamit Nazarian Gallery

, Sacha Ingber, Cruel Anatomy, 2020, 65227
2020 | Cruel Anatomy

Sacha Ingber

Rachel Uffner Gallery

, Elise Lafontaine, The Inseparables, 2023, 65226
2023 | The Inseparables

Elise Lafontaine

, Ben Tong, Still Life with Vase and Mirror, 2023, 65225
2023 | Still Life with Vase and Mirror

Ben Tong

, Yvette Mayorga, Voyage to the Pink Castle, 2023, 65224
2023 | Voyage to the Pink Castle

Yvette Mayorga

, Tomasz Kowalski, Untitled, 2012, 65223
2012 | Untitled

Tomasz Kowalski

Nino Mier Gallery

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