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London Original Print Fair 2021
London Original Print Fair (LOPF)

1 May - 16 May, 2021

London Original Print Fair 2021

The Print Fair is now in its 36th year and has grown to accommodate 50 exhibitors. As an institution run by artists - many of whom collect prints themselves - the Royal Academy is a natural home for the Print Fair. Sir Joshua Reynolds, founding President of the Royal Academy in 1768, had a great collection including prints by Dürer and Rembrandt. The purpose of the Fair is to promote prints as collectable works of art. Printmaking has been instrumental in the development of art since the 15th century and the wide span of prints on sale at the Fair set contemporary prints in their historical context.

Visitor Information

In-person Visiting: May 1-8 Online Viewing in Artsy: May 1-16

In this show

, David Hockney, Rose in a Glass Vase, 2020, 42437
2020 | Rose in a Glass Vase

David Hockney

56 × 43.2cm

Peter Harrington Gallery

, Henri Matisse, Grande Masque, 1948, 42433
1948 | Grande Masque

Henri Matisse

65.5 × 50cm

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

, Marc Chagall, Self Portrait with His Palette, 1960, 42435
1960 | Self Portrait with His Palette

Marc Chagall

47.5 × 32.1cm

William Weston Gallery Ltd.

, Alexander Calder, Composition V, 1976, 42432
1976 | Composition V

Alexander Calder

52 × 72cm

Gilden's Art Gallery

, Alighiero Boetti, Untitled, 1991, 42431
1991 | Untitled

Alighiero Boetti

60 × 120cm

Gilden's Art Gallery

, Andy Warhol, Details of the Renaissance, 1984, 42430
1984 | Details of the Renaissance

Andy Warhol

81.3 × 111.8cm

Sims Reed Gallery