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LISTE Showtime 2022
LISTE Showtime

8 Jun - 26 Jun, 2022

Founded in 1996, Liste Art Fair Basel is a forward-loooking show in the art world's calendar. This week-long fair takes place from June 13 to 19, 2022, during the Basel Art Week at the same time as the unmissable Art Basel. As of 2021, Liste is located in Hall 1.1 at Messe next to Art Basel, and the visitors find the fair more spacious compared to pre-2021 editions, where it was located in a brewery. This year, 82 galleries from 37 countries will present the latest voices in contemporary art. There will be much to discover with works by over 100 artists and 60 solo and 22 group presentations.

The works on exhibition are “the way international contemporary art is developing and in which direction," as Kamm, the fair's director, claims. Among those lined up to show at Liste is Iran's representative, Dastan Gallery, exhibiting Ali Meer Azimi's artworks at booth 46. Liste Art Fair Basel 2022 will host new special guests such as the Pejman Foundation with an installation by Neda Saeedi and Jason Mohaghegh & Asad Khan.  As a newly rearranged art fair, it will envelop three formats: The physical edition and the remaining two which will be presented digitally. The global audiences will have access to Liste Showtime, which runs for the third time this year, and Liste Expedition, a digital research forum and artist index that has been operative since late 2021. The digital edition of this art fair, Liste Showtime Online, will be presented online from June 13 to 26, 2022, with preview days from June 8 to 12, just before the official opening of Liste Art Fair Basel 2022.

Poster: Andrei Pakrovskii

Visitor Information

Preview Viewing: 8 – 12 June Public Viewing: 13 – 26 June

In this show

, Ali Meer Azimi, No.3, 2022, 59343
2022 | No.3

Ali Meer Azimi

200 × 70 × 90cm

Dastan's Basement

, Ali Meer Azimi, No.1, 2022, 59342
2022 | No.1

Ali Meer Azimi

230 × 175 × 110cm

Dastan's Basement

, Ali Meer Azimi, No.4, 2022, 59344
2022 | No.4

Ali Meer Azimi

90 × 75 × 45cm

Dastan's Basement

, Adrian Geller, L'armoire, 2022, 59341
2022 | L'armoire

Adrian Geller

Super Dakota

, Agnieszka Polska, Perfect Lives (Traffic), 2020, 59336
2020 | Perfect Lives (Traffic)

Agnieszka Polska

Union Pacific

, Ni Hao, SOPT, 2022, 59333
2022 | SOPT

Ni Hao

Gallery Vacancy

, Noah Barker, Untitled (Proof), 2022, 59332
2022 | Untitled (Proof)

Noah Barker


, Alison Yip, You're ME, 2020, 59331
2020 | You're ME

Alison Yip

Noah Klink

, Omar Fakhoury, Sylvester Tied to a Tree, 2021, 59329
2021 | Sylvester Tied to a Tree

Omar Fakhoury


, Gaspar Willmann, 6038 (1) and a Few Mistakes, 2022, 59328
2022 | 6038 (1) and a Few Mistakes

Gaspar Willmann

Exo Exo

, Gaspar Willmann, JUMAP (Early Morning Makina), 2022, 59327
2022 | JUMAP (Early Morning Makina)

Gaspar Willmann

Exo Exo

, Javier Bravo de Rueda, Antiguas Escrituras Tropicales (Ancient Tropical Writings), 2018, 59326
2018 | Antiguas Escrituras Tropicales (Ancient Tropical Writings)

Javier Bravo De Rueda


, Tosh Basco, Nothing Naught Knot (Scrawl), 2022, 59324
2022 | Nothing Naught Knot (Scrawl)

Tosh Basco


, Kristi Kongi, Noon in Its Brightness Was Full of Color. There Was So Much of Everything. That I Was Constantly losing Myself in the Colors. And I Struggled to Find Myself Again., 2022, 59321
2022 | Noon in Its Brightness Was Full of Color. There Was So Much of Everything. That I Was Constantly losing Myself in the Colors. And I Struggled to Find Myself Again.

Kristi Kongi


, Orestes Hernandez, Sleeping Head, 2021, 59320
2021 | Sleeping Head

Orestes Hernandez

El Apartamento

, Gregory Olympio, Baigneuses, 2022, 59319
2022 | Baigneuses

Gregory Olympio

Blank Projects

, Mariel Capanna, Bedframe, Candles, Flowers, Bows, 2022, 59318
2022 | Bedframe, Candles, Flowers, Bows

Mariel Capanna

Adams And Ollman

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