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Kiaf SEOUL 2019
KIAF (Art Seoul)

26 Sep - 29 Sep, 2019

Kiaf SEOUL 2019

KIAF Art Seoul 2019, Asia's largest art market, will be held at Coex Halls A and B from September 26th (Thu) to 29th (Sun). KIAF Art Seoul 2019, the 18th anniversary, is the best art market in Korea where contemporary art galleries are carefully selected to showcase contemporary art.

Visitor Information

Open Days: 26 - 29 September

Addtional Programs

• Special Exhibitions • Talks • KIAF Art Kids • Fair Guide Tour

In this show

, Meeyoung Kim, Untitled, , 21639

Meeyoung Kim

Leehwaik Gallery

, Liza Lou, Pannus, 2018, 21638
2018 | Pannus

Liza Lou

226 × 241.3 × 15.2cm

Lehmann Maupin Gallery

, Lari Pittman, Portrait of a Textile, 2018, 21637
2018 | Portrait of a Textile

Lari Pittman

205.7 × 177.8cm

Lehmann Maupin Gallery

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