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Intersect Palm Springs 2024
Intersect Art and Design

8 Feb - 11 Feb, 2024

Intersect Palm Springs 2024

Before known as  Art Palm Springs, Intersect Palm  Springs is a fair for post-war and contemporary art, established in 2012. Intersect Palm Springs is an art and design fair that brings together a dynamic mix of modern and contemporary galleries, and is activated by timely and original programming.  Intersect Art and Design produces three annual cultural events, Intersect Palm Springs, Intersect Aspen, and Sofa Chicago,  that connect galleries with art lovers and collectors, highlighting art and design locally, regionally, and globally.  The  Intersect Palm Springs 2024  is taking place from 8 - 11 February in Palm Spring Cnvention Center.

Poster: Alex Katz

Visitor Information

VIP Viewing: 8 February Public Viewing: 8-11 February

In this show

, Christy Powers, Jam Session, 2020, 69833
2020 | Jam Session

Christy Powers

20.3 × 20.3cm

Marloe Gallery

, Micheal Gorman, Cocked, 2022, 69832
2022 | Cocked

Micheal Gorman

91 × 61 × 5cm

Axiom Contemporary

, Ryan Robichaux, Go Long, 2023, 69829
2023 | Go Long

Ryan Robichaux

121 × 101 × 7cm

Schlomer Haus

, Kevin Sloan, Admit One, 2015, 69827
2015 | Admit One

Kevin Sloan

213 × 152cm

K Contemporary

, Jimwook Yeom, Memory of Mountain, 2023, 69825
2023 | Memory of Mountain

Jimwook Yeom

91 × 160cm

Lee & Bae

, Melissa Chandon, Abstract Blue in Ultramarine, 2023, 69824
2023 | Abstract Blue in Ultramarine

Melissa Chandon

152 × 121cm

Skidmore Contemporary Art

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Calendar of Events

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