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Ink Miami 2021
Ink Miami

1 Dec - 5 Dec, 2021

Ink Miami 2021

INK Miami is presented by the IFPDA in the historic Suites of Dorchester adjacent to Art Basel Miami Beach. INK is unique among Miami’s fairs for its focus on fine art print publishers and contemporary and modern prints and works on paper. Tickets are free with advance registration. - Poster Artwork: Bill Rock

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Online Viewing on Artsy Website: 1-19 December

In this show

, Louise Bourgeois, Crochet IV, 1998, 52977
1998 | Crochet IV

Louise Bourgeois

71.1 × 83.8cm


, Alex Katz, Good Morning, 1975, 52976
1975 | Good Morning

Alex Katz

95.3 × 72.4cm

Marlborough New York

, John Baldessari, Eight Colorful Inside Jobs- Yellow, 2017, 52975
2017 | Eight Colorful Inside Jobs- Yellow

John Baldessari

55.9 × 44.5cm


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