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Frieze London 2022
Frieze Art Fair London

12 Oct - 16 Oct, 2022

Frieze London 2022

Frieze London will take place from  October 12 to 16  in The Regent's Park,  bringing together galleries from 42 countries to celebrate the city's creative spirit. Led by  Eva Langret,  Frieze London will feature over 160 of the world's leading contemporary galleries.   Alongside the fair's main section,  Focus  is devoted to galleries established in the last 12 years.

Sandhini Poddar  (جانبیCurator at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi) will curate this year’s special section, ‘Indra’s Net’, a term derived from Buddist and Hindu thought that refers to ethics of being in which an individual atom holds within it the structure of reality.  ‘Indra’s Net’ will feature 10 dedicated presentations and a number of cabinet-style displays scattered throughout the fair's main section.


Poster: Elizabeth Neel

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