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The 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival
Fajr Visual Arts Festival

30 Jan - 13 Feb, 2019

The festival is organized in the following ten categories: "Illustration", "Calligraphy", "Ceramic", "Photography", "Cartoon and Caricature", "Graphics", "Sculpture", "Miniature", "Painting" and "New Arts" (Video Art, Performance Art and Installations). The purpose of this year's edition is to introduce and display new works by Iranian artists and show artistic creative achievements in different aspects. The artists are expected to pay attention to contemporary approaches and practices in the creation and presentation of their works.

Visitor Information

Fajr Visual Arts Festival Different Sections: • "Chahar Sooye Honar" exhibition with 53 participating galleries will be held at Qasr Garden Museum from February 4th to 13th. Visiting hours: 12:00 pm till 09:00 pm • Main exhibition & festival competition titled "Toobaye Zarrin" at Saba Cultural-Arts Institute: Tehran | Valiasr Street | Taleghani St. | Shahid Mozafar Brothers St. | No. 125 • "40 Artworks, 40 Cities" exhibition will be held in forty cities of Iran • Specialized workshops on visual arts and creativity will be held at Iranian Artists' House on February 4, 5 and 7: Tehran | Iranshahr Street | Honarmandan Park | Iranian Artist's House

Addtional Programs

• Exhibiting Selected Works of the Festival • Exhibiting a Selection of Works Presented in the Galleries • Showing the Achievements of Arts in the Provinces • Holding Specialized Conferences • Screening Films About Visual Arts • Showing the Achievements of the Country's Visual Arts Publications • Celebrating the Famous Faces of Visual Arts • Celebrating the Activists of Visual Arts • Celebrating the Writers, Authors and Critics of Visual Arts

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