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Cortona on the Move 2019
Cortona on the Move

11 Jul - 29 Sep, 2019

Cortona on the Move 2019

Every year, Cortona is home to a prestigious event dedicated to contemporary photography, which takes over the streets of this Etruscan town. Exhibitions, panels, workshops and more will take place over the summer months and will end with a gala to present the best photographer with an award and cash prize. This year’s exhibition focus takes shape around the relationship between humans and landscape.


Arianna Rinaldo

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Open Days: 11 July - 29 September

Iranian artist "Hashem Shakeri" is participating in this event.

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Cortona on the Move

Cortona on the Move

As anyone who is seriously interested in image knows, there are unmissable events to observe, reflect, discuss and learn. One of these events is Cortona on the Move

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