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Art on Paper Brussels
Art on Paper Brussels

24 Oct - 27 Oct, 2019

Art on Paper Brussels

For 5 years, Art on Paper has been presenting a unique panorama of the quality and diversity of contemporary drawing approaches through the organisation of an international fair dedicated to this practice in the centre of Brussels.

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Open Days: 24 - 27 October

In this show

, Denis Deprez, Untitled, , 22214

Denis Deprez

Huberty & Breyne Gallery

, Auke De Vries, Untitled, , 22213

Auke De Vries

Mieke Van Schaijk

, Eloïse Van der Heyden, Untitled, , 22212

Eloïse Van Der Heyden

Galerie Catherine Putman

, Aaron Van Erp, Untitled, , 22211

Aaron Van Erp

Livingstone Gallery

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Art on Paper

Art on Paper

During 4 days, each gallery displays a solo show featuring an established or emerging artist focussing on her/his drawing practice.

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